There is no Love Dare workbook that I could find, but the Love Dare Introduction covers some really important aspects regarding how to use the Love Dare correctly. The Scriptures are very clear. God created marriage as a wonderful thing! Marriage in its true form can help eliminate loneliness, create an enjoyable life, and “bless us with relational intimacy.” One of the most important aspects that goes much farther than the standard of establishing families and raising children, it gives us an opportunity to really examine our own issues and self serving attitudes that society promotes.

How Does the Love Dare Work?

This is a 40 day love challenge! There are a three key components to making the love dare work. There is no secret 40 day Love Dare challenge list, but these three steps done daily will hold you accountable and teach you how to take action and reflect on this love dare. Consider this a challenge from me to you!

First: A unique perspective on love. This isn’t about fairy tale or commercial romance. This is about true love. It’s about sacrifice and action.

Second: Complete your specific dare. Some of these dares will be really easy, others may seem really difficult. Do each dare. Do not skip out on any of them. If you can’t complete a dare ona specific day, that’s okay. Just pick up where you left off when you can, but don’t give up. All the best benefits come as you finish them, all of them.

Third: Journal. At the end of each dare, there is a space to journal. I will be posting my journaling here as a Love Dare blog. A Love Dare journal is a great way to reflect and write how what actions you take and what the outcome was.

Does Love Dare Work?

It can work, but you can’t “sample” it. One of the first things the Love Dare book states is: those who quit early will forfeit the greatest benefits. I cannot stress this enough, it is true. You must take it day by day. If you are unable to do a specific dare, it is okay, just pick it back up. But do not stop doing this.

What is The Love Dare Book About?

Simply put: This book is about love.

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