My Return to Christ

In January 2016, my husband of six months beat me up pretty badly, told me I was useless and wanted a divorce. He threw me outside and left me to freeze until he wanted me to come back (several hours later). I knew at this point that it was over, I had already forgiven infidelities, plural.

This was time to let go and I spiraled into a depression yet again. God began placing people in my life that inevitably brought me back to the path of seeking God first. It was little things at first, coworkers and customers who made me feel valued in a way I had not felt in over 10 years.

A childhood friend (who was forced to go to church with me and my sisters when we were young), began attending the gym I worked at and she and I reconnected. She had found her way back to Christ and was married to a God loving/fearing man. She invited me to events, and shared scripture with me.

One day my depression won, I had given up. I wrote my grandpa a good bye email. Explaining how there was no purpose for me in this life, I was now divorced, over 30 and I couldn’t have kids (another major struggle). My ex-husband was running around still being unfaithful, while begging me to come back, telling me how no one else could ever love me, reminding me that when I battled my tumor and health issues that no one loved me enough to be there for me. I was hopeless. I was in the bathtub, crying, looking at my phone, mostly the photos of people I loved who didn’t love me back. I got a friend request on social media from a friend who had not shown up for my wedding, he was one of my close friends and I felt abandoned so we just stopped talking. All I could think was “oh wow! We haven’t talked in forever.” I got out of the bath, completely forgetting that I had made plans to be done with life.

He sent me a link to a bible study app. Two old friends of mine who had never met each other put me back on the path to God. These two people lit the path for me to return where I belong, as God’s childHis Princess.

God is Love

That’s the bottom line here. God is Love. We are all blessed to be God’s children and receive salvation through the sacrifice of His son Chris, Jesus!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Chrissy ChristianPrincess.Org

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